The need to innovate has never been more important

Written by Laura Underhill

The need to innovate has never been more important

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we’re all working

The Water Innovation Network (WIN) is operating business as usual and invites you to engage with us!

In some industries, it’s immediately obvious how to create continuity while adjusting to a completely new set of business and consumer needs, and in others it can seem almost impossible. What is clear is the role innovation and thinking differently is playing in transforming some businesses to allow them to continue to pursue their goals. The Water Innovation Network continues to adapt to the ever evolving situation. Innovation is at the heart of our platform and expecting the unexpected is part of our day-to-day approach. We continue to hold our review group meetings, allowing the process of progressing suppliers’ innovation submissions to accelerate, often at greater speed than before. With video calls now a part of everyday life, the absence of travel has allowed us time to understand capabilities and additional functionality for each technology.

In certain circumstances, it’s a challenge to conduct trials in the same way due to social distancing measures and other associated factors. However, there is now more time to focus on the initial engagement and scope which could previously inhibit timely installations. The WIN team is finding this period exceptionally beneficial for getting the start up process in place, in readiness for an opportunity to go to trial. Early engagement with our potential supply chain helps Anglian Water to understand the capabilities of suppliers and creates a level of resilience in preparation for unexpected events, so extra time now can create huge benefit in the long term.

Laura Underhill, WIN manager, said: “There’s no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has absolutely created a shift in how all industries operate. Initially, it seemed obvious to put trials and submissions on hold, but using this time to fully understand the capabilities of different innovations and think carefully about the set up, means the chances of success are much greater. Providing and cleaning water are vital services, so WIN is still continuing to work with its members to create opportunities to achieve Anglian Water’s AMP 7 goals.”

Not sure what WIN is or want to know more? Watch our short video to see how our network could help you.