Water Connect 2021 – event closed

Written by Laura Underhill

Water Connect 2021 – event closed

The Water Innovation Network’s annual conference will be held online for the first time  between  Monday  25 – Thursday 28 January. 

Water Connect is an open invitation for anyone outside our business to gain exclusive access into the current operating environment at Anglian Water

What is it? 
Through a series of workshops and networking events, Water Connect provides a unique opportunity to understand how anyone working with Anglian Water currently or with interest in doing so in the future, can align with our ambitions in the short, medium and long term. As the water industry gears up for year two of AMP7 following a challenging and demanding 12 months, it’s more important than ever that those we work with are on the same page, so we can deliver together effectively. 

The event will also offer the opportunity to find out much more about Ofwat’s Innovation in Water Challenge which is open for submissions on the Water Innovation Network website. 

Who is it for? 
Start-ups, innovators, organisations and services across every sector – anyone who is interested in how we work is welcome. We believe in transferable solutions-meaning that we can learn from suppliers from any sector. We recognise and celebrate the value of different ways of thinking as we tackle some of the most challenging issues facing our industry, region and society which have only been exacerbated over recent months. 

Event details 
The event will be hosted from Monday 25 – Thursday 28 January and for the first time, guests will be able to tailor the event to suit their interests by signing up for workshops relevant to their area of interest across the week. 

Our collective focus now aligns with the UK’s water innovation strategy and the specific needs of our region which will be realised through our Shop Window. We’re hosting four workshops to share our goals, ambitions and thinking across the week. These include: 

Monday 25 January - 10:05-12.05  
Exceeding customer expectations 
Tuesday 26 January, 09:30-11.30 
A flourishing environment  
Wednesday 27 January, 09:30-11.30  
Tackling climate change 
Thursday 28 January, 09:30-11.30  
A resilient and intelligent water supply 

Sign up today!

You must secure your place before 21 January using this link. Once you have signed up, you can register for relevant workshops and up to six 121 networking appointments with key people from Anglian Water (and anyone else attending the conference).