Idea Submission Process

Submit a solution

We’re looking for innovative solutions to transform the water industry, for ways to provide better customer service to create a more sustainable water supply and water recycling processes.

If you have a solution, we want to hear from you! Submit your idea, and we will make sure it’s reviewed by the experts at Anglian Water


Tell us about your solution – tell us everything we need to know about your innovative solution to be considered by Anglian Water decision makers.

At this stage, we need a reasonable level of detail so our specialists can understand what your solution is, why it should be considered over existing options and the benefits it could bring to Anglian Water customers.


Quality control – the Water Innovation Network will make sure you submit all the information needed for experts to understand your solution in order to complete a fair review.

If we feel additional details could strengthen your submission we will be in touch via your account.


The review group – Once we have all the information, the review group, which consists of 10+ experts from Anglian Water, will discuss the details of your submission and consider if your solution could provide benefits.

These meetings occur once every six weeks.

Future dates to be announced.


Next steps – Following the review group meeting, we will let you know the next steps, which could be one of the following:

  • Your solution is considered to have potential benefit for Anglian Water customers and we either:

-Arrange a meeting with Anglian Water experts to progress

-Request more information to support your submission

-Need to investigate this area further with Anglian Water experts

  • Your solution is not taken any further at this time. Feedback is provided and the submission details are saved in the WIN archive for future consideration.

Your submission may result in a trial and be forwarded to the supply chain team, in which case we may need to investigate Anglian Water’s position with regards to your solution or require several meetings to discuss certain aspects in more detail.

You will receive feedback at each stage of the submission process and have the full support of the Water Innovation Network team.


The good news – Share your experience of our submission process with us, whether this is a presentation, testimony or video. Check out our news page for the latest success stories and good news.