Solutions to stop people from walking on exposed pipes


We are looking for a solution that will prevent/deter individuals from accessing  pipe crossings owned by Anglian Water.

Reason for this opportunity?

Anglian Water are responsible for a number of pipe crossings (image on the right), where there is an exposed pipeline crossing a river, road or railway. These pipe crossing can be prone to individuals walking/climbing them which can lead to serious incidents and possible fatalities. We are looking for a solution that will stop individuals from accessing these pipe crossings

What is the current solution? 

Current solutions that are used at Anglian Water include a variety of fan physical barriers, witches hat style barriers and gates, that are pictured on the left. 

What would we love to see? 

To protect the public from accessing pipe crossings, by having a low maintenance easy install solution that could fit a variety of pipe diameters and lengths. 

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