Ofwat Innovation Fund

Please note that we are seeking project proposals and NOT product submissions. We want this process to be as inclusive as possible to allow for as many suppliers, whatever scale, to engage with us on potential ideas or proposals.

Ofwat Innovation Fund – Breakthrough 2

In August 2020, the water industry launched its UK water innovation strategy. This was collectively developed by all 19 water…

The view across the industry
In August 2020, the water industry launched its UK water innovation strategy. This was collectively developed by all 19 water companies to give a single and comprehensive overview of the sector’s mission to drive transformational change between now and 2050. The seven themes identified by the strategy reflected many of Anglian Water’s current and future challenges and we’re pleased that our Shop Window priorities align with thinking across the sector as well as our own regional challenges.

Ofwat, the Water Services Regulation Authority for England and Wales, has established a £200 million Innovation Fund to grow the water sector’s capacity to innovate, enabling it to better meet the evolving needs of customers, society and the environment. From 2021, Ofwat are delivering a series of competitions that water companies, in partnerships with others, can enter.

The current competition is the second round of the Water Breakthrough Challenge (‘Breakthrough 2’). Entries opened on 11 October 2021. For more information on the Breakthrough 2 – https://waterinnovation.challenges.org/breakthrough2/

Anglian Water is looking for ideas that address the big challenges facing the sector and would benefit from additional innovation which have been guided by the five strategic innovation themes. We are looking for initiatives that we can collaborate on and entries across all areas – technology, methodologies and approaches, culture, business practices or commercial models.

Anglian Water’s Shop Window – our test bed
Many suppliers will be familiar with Anglian Water’s Shop Window and its existence as a physical geography where ideas and concepts are tested to assess their viability before roll out. If we choose to take supplier ideas forward, their first port of call will be the Shop Window. The priorities below are mapped against the sector wide strategy to provide a comprehensive view of our focus areas. The Shop Window not only provides a platform to accelerate the deployment of technology, concepts, ideas and approaches for Anglian Water, but the wider water industry through shared learnings and best practice.

Shop Window priorities

1. Exceeding customer expectations
Developing customer insight which supports a better customer experience. This specifically involves developing behavioural change techniques across priority areas, building on previous outcomes in this area.

We want our customers to have trust and confidence in the service that we provide. Our service provision should be transparent, and we’d like to see customers and communities work with us to improve service and decision making.

2. A flourishing environment
Our aim to achieve zero pollutions by working in collaboration with customers and communities. Emerging contaminants and lead are dealt with effectively causing zero harm for people and the environment.

We are also focused on using natural solutions to improve our resilience to current and future challenges.

3. Tackling climate change
Preparing for the predicted four degree temperature rise is a huge priority and developing approaches in this area is key. Achieving net zero carbon over the next ten years through collaboration with our customers, communities and supply chain is a fundamental part of our plans.

4. A resilient and intelligent water supply
We are committed to tripling the rate of leakage reduction throughout our region. Our work in this area is leading, but greater effort and focus is needed to achieve this ambitious target. We want to see zero interruptions to supply and work out the best way to develop sustainable water efficiencies.

5. Enabling the workforce of the future
We have the ambition to develop new skills, roles and teams to deliver against our priorities. We are working to develop a shared culture of innovation across our business which will deliver for our customers and environment. Our teams will have the skills and diversity of thought to take an active approach to prepare for and respond to emerging challenges.

6. Unlocking efficiency
Achieving OPEX neutrality and driving revenue through projects is key to our future success. We aim to outperform capital efficiencies through work in the Shop Window area.

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