New opportunities coming soon

With a growing population and changing climate patterns, Anglian Water is facing significant and unique challenges in the years ahead. We are always looking for innovative solutions that contribute or improve our business strategies. In AMP7 (2020-2025) we have set ourselves stretching targets and we need your help to meet them. We have four key ambitions for the future.

Expired Opportunities

Reducing water usage during pipeline testing

A collaborative call with the EIC to find alternative pipeline testing and commissioning methods with a smaller water footprint

I’m a Signal… Get Me Out of Here!

Looking for an innovative method to get data from below ground assets with little to no data signal.

Core, Vacc & Tap!

Do you have an innovative approach to installing monitors in a network that cause little disruption to customers or road…

Effective dewatering

Looking for alternative solutions when dewatering excavations

Lead free aspiration

There is an aspiration at Anglian Water to become Lead free, can you help?

Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussels are an invasive small freshwater mussel in the UK that rapidly reproduce and populate areas of the water…

Calling all Real time control experts

EXPIRED Anglian Water are looking for an expert to develop a blue print model for real time control/operation of Waste…

Preventing midges/flies entering raw water tanks

EXPIRED We are looking for an innovative way to stop midges from populating our tanks

Solutions to stop people from walking on exposed pipes

EXPIRED We are looking for a solution that will prevent/deter individuals from accessing  pipe crossings owned by Anglian Water.