Bioresources – Getting the most out of sludge

Written by Nilam Patel

Bioresources – Getting the most out of sludge

Thank you for joining us at Bioresources – Getting the most out of sludge on the 24th January.


The presentations from the day can be found her;

Paul Gibbs

Current Status Presentation

Tom Curtis

The original of the edited video that was played in Steve’s presentation can be viewed here.

Next Steps

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Ready to submit your solutions? Visit and ‘Submit a new Solution’ with ‘BIO’ in front of your title before the 16th Feb. These solutions will then be reviewed on the 21st Feb, when you will receive feedback and if you are one of the lucky few to be invited to present your solution on the 1st March in Peterborough.

Please remember this is not your only opportunity to get your solution in front of the guys at Anglian Water, if you have a solution at a later date please add BIO, and I will ensure that it is reviewed by Adam and Steve.

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We look forward to seeing your solutions!

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