The Benefits of WIN: Being Seen

Written by Nilam Patel

Concrete Canvas is a flexible concrete impregnated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin durable, waterproof concrete layer. It is also 10 times quicker to install than the use of conventional concrete with less environmental impact… sounds good? But like most great solutions, getting it to the decision makers can be a the struggle.

We have successfully supplied the material to Network Rail, Highways England and the Environment Agency as an erosion control measure. Through my experience the I have managed to gain awareness of this solutions by:

  • Exhibiting Concrete Canvas at trade shows
  • Calling potential clients and consulting authorities
  • Arranging lunchtime presentations to decision makers

This process can take a significant amount of time and investment. But with Anglian Water we chose to go through the Water Innovation Network, which we have found to be a really useful method of raising awareness and promoting our company within Anglian Water and the water industry.

The process from initial submission of our innovation to delivering presentations and trialling the product on site has taken around nine months, which I consider to be a very fast process. We have even created a collaborative video to show the benefit here:

Overall, it can be difficult to introduce great ideas into large businesses, but if you are trying to work with Anglian Water I would suggest to go through the idea portal. We found everyone at the Water Innovation Network to be friendly and proactive in raising awareness of Concrete Canvas throughout Anglian Water.