With a growing population and changing climate patterns, Anglian Water faces significant challenges in the years ahead. To continue providing a secure and robust service, Anglian Water is looking at novel ways of meeting future demand.

Challenges that the business are currently focusing on are listed below. If you have a solution to any of the challenges, please fill in a submissions form, or if you would like to discuss your solution with the team contact us.

If you would like further information about Anglian Water aspirations, please review Our Plan 2015-20  or the Love Every Drop goals.


Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)

The Challenge:The Anglian Water region is one of the driest and  fastest growing parts of UK. These factors place growing demands on the availability of water but also create pressures on our sewer network. In particular, the increase in non permeable surfaces means we see increasingly greater volumes of surface water runoff challenging the capacity of our sewers. To meet this challenge, Anglian Water are looking for innovative solutions that can help customers alleviate pressures on the network to avoid the risk of surface water flooding.

Current Solutions: Previously Anglian Water built SuD’s at a community level and have previously had campaigns that include giving customers water butts. There are number of water butt options that are currently promoted here:

If you have a solutions, please complete a submissions form ( with consideration with the variety of customer property needs, your USP, how you would encourage customers to adopt your solution and if this solution would impact the network (i.e. may limit flow in the sewers that could increase blockages)

Remote Dosing Pump

The Challenge: Looking for a dosing pump to be remotely controlled from a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to dose at different set points depending on different circumstances. Ideally the pump would need to be controlled through a 4 – 20 mA control loop input or through pre defined digital inputs.
Current Solution: Jobs are raised during winter and summer months for maintenance technicians to manually change the dosing level. There are times in the year where the dosing limits could be altered sooner than the manual jobs that are being raised, potentially saving in a large chemical costs.

If you have a solution, please complete a submission form.

Flood Protection 

The Challenge: Looking for innovative for both permanent and temporary/demountable mitigation solutions. DEFRA have recently issued the National Flood Resilience Review: Government action to tackle floods, which has challenged all utility providers to have a full understanding of the best temporary flood protection options available on the market.
Current Solution: There is an understanding of the different options available and these are added to a register for Anglian Water staff to review and purchase if needed. We are looking for innovative solutions that may not be known, the types of protection that are known are as follow: Demountable barriers (manual deployment), Automatic barriers (act on buoyancy or remotely triggered), Flood Door, Flood Gates, Door Protection strips, Walling, Sealant/filler, Wall Sealant/Repointing, Rendering, Non-return valves, Engineering bricks, Water resistant airbricks, Tanking, Raised step threshold, Permeable Paving, Sandbag alternatives, Stormwater management/Drainage.

If you have a solution, please complete a submission form.

Pipe Rehab

Anglian Water is looking for structural and non structural solutions for rehabilitation of large diameter potable water mains (300-600mm). The product must be DWI Reg 31 approved and will preferably be commercially available although we would also be interested in any which are still underdevelopment/close to market.

If you have a solution, please complete a submission form.

Sealing Inspection Hatches

At Anglian Water we are looking for an innovative solution to seal inspection hatches on reservoirs using concrete, grout or other materials.

There is an awareness of existing solutions, but if you know of an innovative solutions that will create a water tight seal for the plug and will be durable and provide a long lasting solution, please email

Extended – Restoration of Supply – Line Stop

Anglian Water faces a big challenge in minimising the amount of time its customers suffer supply interruptions. Therefore, the business is seeking new and innovative technologies to support its alternative supply and restoration strategy. Internal discussions have identified a need to be able to carry out a line stop using a through bore hydrant. Anglian Water invites you to suggest any ideas you have for how this technology could be developed, or to suggest any technologies that already exist which could carry out this function.

In addition to this challenge, Anglian Water are also interested in hearing from;

  1. Suppliers of line stop equipment up to 8” or 200 mm diameter with the intention of AWS purchasing the equipment and carrying out the work themselves.
  2. Companies who can provide equipment and labour to carry out line stops for greater than 8” or 200 mm

If you have a line stop solution please fill in a submission form. 

If you have alternative solutions for restoring or stopping interruption of water supply  back to customers, please  register you for the upcoming event on the 6th May here: 

Solutions for prediction of pump failure in real time

Currently we are looking for a solution which could predict failure, show change in performance of pumps in real time. We are currently assessing a number of different units but are always looking for new developments and additional solutions.

Expires 30th October 2015

Previous Challenges

Solutions for reducing septicity in pumped sewer rising mains?

As sewage is moved to treatment centres via pumped systems there is a risk of waste water becoming septic, causing odour and damage to downstream assets due to Hydrogen Sulphide emissions. Anglian Water has many hundreds of sites where chemical dosing is used to control septicity in rising mains with long retention periods, which involves transporting large quantities of chemicals to diverse sites. Every year we build many more sites in this way. We are looking for an innovative solution to reduce septicity in pumping mains, ideally we are looking for a method which does not involve chemical dosing.

Expires 30th August 2015

The targets for Anglian Water from 2015-2020 can be found here: AMP 6 Challenges