Submit your idea

Step 1

Complete the submission form with details of your innovation – Submission Form.

If you require a Non-disclosure agreement to be signed prior to submission, please download this form – NDA and email to This will then be counter signed by a manager at Anglian Water and returned via email.

Step 2

Submit your completed form with any additional information/attachments.

The deadline for receipt of a submission form is midday (12 noon) one month before the Review Group meeting, forms received after that will be allocated to the following month’s meeting (details below).

Step 3

Your submission will be initially reviewed by the Water Innovation Network team prior to the Review Group meeting to ensure that all appropriate information is provided, we shall contact you if additional information is required to strengthen your submission.

Once all the appropriate information is provided, the submission will be allocated a submission number and forwarded to the Review Group one week prior to the meeting.

Step 4

Your submission will be reviewed by the Review Group and you will be informed of the outcome within one week of the meeting by email.

Step 5

At the Review Group your submission will be considered by 10+ experts at Anglian Water, the outcome from this meeting are as follows:

  • your solution is not taken further and feedback is provided and the details are saved in the WIN archive for future consideration
  • your solution is considered to benefit Anglian Water and we either ,
    • request for more information to support your submission
    • arrange a meeting with Anglian Water experts and yourself
    • need to investigate this area further with Anglian Water experts

Your submission may then move on to a trial, be forwarded to the Supply Chain team, or may need further investigation at Anglian Water or a number of meetings.  However your submissions proceeds through Anglian Water, you will receive feedback at each stage and have access to the Water Innovation Network team to help ensure that your submission is reviewed in a timely  period.

Please be aware that whilst the network will make every reasonable effort to ensure that progress is being made on your submission, due to the complex nature of Anglian Water’s business, it can take a considerable amount of time for an evaluation to be completed.

Click here to see the submission deadlines.

2017 Deadlines:

  • Deadline : 18th January        Review Group Meeting: 15th February
  • Deadline : 9th February        Review Group Meeting: 9th March
  • Deadline : 18th March           Review Group Meeting: 13th April
  • Deadline : 16th April              Review Group Meeting: 11th May
  • Deadline : 18th May               Review Group Meeting: 8th June
  • Deadline : 15th June              Review Group Meeting: 13th July
  • Deadline : 20th July               Review Group Meeting: 10th August
  • Deadline : 17th August          Review Group Meeting: 14th September
  • Deadline : 21st September   Review Group Meeting: 12th October
  • Deadline : 19th October        Review Group Meeting: 9th November
  • Deadline : 21st November    Review Group Meeting: 14th December
  • Deadline : 21st December     Review Group Meeting: 11th January 201 8

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